It's time for a long overdue update!

It is time for a quick update. Fall is upon us as summer has come to an end. We can say we had a great summer here at Wasted Youth, lots of awesome tattoos were done and many gorgeous, tricked out piercings left on happy clients. We want to Thank all of you that have made it by and have been supporting the new shop. We want to say sorry for the lack of updates, we are trying to find the time to keep updating this site and showing you all what we have been doing. For more constant updates please like and follow our facebook page. As soon as we hit 500 likes we will start posting contests and more content there. Right now we are only 4 likes away, so if you want to win free stuff get over there now.

In other news our friend Jill Coudry has been out here since September doing a piercing guest spot. She will be here through October 15th if you want to get pierce by this awesome piercer. She will be doing occasional guest spots in the future so she can keep up with the wonderful clients she has made while being out here. Watch our facebook for updates on when she will be back.
We have started a couple of piercing deals for all you savvy shoppers. On Tuesdays we are offering a 2 for Tuesday deal. Get 2 Piercings for the Price of 1 with new jewelry purchase. This is good for just you or even you and a friend. Saving on average are around $40. This deal we plan on keeping till the end of the year, maybe longer if it keeps going well.

The 2nd piercing deal we have been doing is student Saturdays. Get 10% off your piercing related purchase with a current and valid school id. This is a great way to save on your piercing, jewelry or after care. This deal will continue through October.

We are proud to announce that we are once again a sponsor for the Prison City Halloween Massacre, Now in its 5th year. Check out the flyers below and the FB event here:

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