Q: Do you have any studio rules or policies I should know?
A: YES! Please click HERE, to review all current studio protocols and requirements. 

Q: How old do I have to be to get a Tattoo?
A: You must be 18 or older to get a tattoo in the state of Illinois.  A valid state or government issued ID is also required. 

Q: Can my parent sign for me to get a Tattoo?
A: No, The state of Illinois does not allow parental consent for tattoos. Good news is that when you turn 18 we will be here and would love to tattoo you!

Q: How old do I have to be for a Piercing?
A: You need to be at least 18 years old to get a piercing without a parent or guardian present.  If you are under 18 but have a parent are guardian with you then there are some piercings you can still get as long as both of you have photo IDs. 

For oral, surface, anchor, nipple, and genital piercings you need to be 18, No Exceptions. Most other piercings can be done as long as you are 13 or older with guardian present.  We will pierce earlobes of children under 13 on a one by one situation, for anyone under 9 we require a consultation prior to booking a piercing appointment. We reserve the right to refuse any piercing at any time for any reason.

Q: Do you pierce baby's ears?
A: No, We do not. We find it better to wait for a person to ask for and want to be pierced and know the modification is being done to their body. 

Q: What is the aftercare?
A: Click here for our most up to date PIERCING and TATTOO aftercare instructions. 

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Sometimes... but not as bad as you might think. Don't worry! We do everything we can to give you a comfortable and safe experience. 

Q: What are your studio hours? 
A: We are open 7 days a week from at least 3-8pm. Each artist has their own schedule with varying hours, feel free to contact us for each artists individually availability.  

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: We do suggest appointments. We will take Walk-In's if time is available on first come first served basis, but appointments take priority. 

Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: For piercings, please call the studio at (630) 312-8151 any day between 3-8pm and our expert staff can get you scheduled. For Tattoos everything starts with a consultation that is done via FaceTime or Zoom. Please contact us by EMAIL to get the process started. Beside to include artist of choice, your ideas and description, any photos references and your availability. 

Q: How much are Tattoos?
A: How long is a piece of string?… ; )  It all depends on what it is, where it’s going and how long it will take. 
Our Tattoo minimum is $100 & our hourly rate is $100-200 depending on artist. Our artists may charge by the piece, hour, or session. The price depends on the work and time needed to complete the project.  Please schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your tattoo and get a price quote. 

Q: How much are Piercings?
A: Click HERE for our current Piercing Price List. If your desired Piercing is not listed, give us a call at 630-312-8151.  

Every piercing is different and there are endless possibilities for jewelry combinations, because of this we do have one set price. Final pricing all depends on the jewelry you pick out and how fancy you get with it. Please schedule a time with us to go find the perfect options for you. 

Q: Can I in bring my own jewelry?
A: Generally No. In 99.9% of cases we will not pierce with any outside jewelry. Given we can not know the actual quality if we did not purchase it, we don't feel comfortable putting mystery metal in your body. We also do not reuse any posts or rings(even if purchased from us) for new piercings as there is no known process to clean the jewelry to be as safe as new. However threadless or threaded ends are generally reusable as they do not pass through the body. We can insert jewelry you have purchased from us previously into an existing/healed piercing you already have. If you have questions or concerns on if your jewelry is useable or not, Please talk with a piercer prior. If you bring your jewelry in please freshly wash it with soap and water and store it in a new clear sealed ziplock bag.

Q: Why aren't you the cheapest studio around?
A: Well, We aren't trying to be. We are trying to be the cleanest, safest and best; because you're worth it! We work hard to bring you the best values we can without compromising the level our services or products. For everyone's safety, we will only use the highest quality products available and we do not cut corners on cleanliness. This comes at a premium. Our staff is also very well trained and talanted, this also comes at a premium. 

 “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

Q: Tipping?
A: If you are happy with the service provided, you are encouraged to tip your artist to thank them for a job well done—  Like in other service-based industries, 20% is standard, but if you love the service you’ve received you can always tip more! Though this is not required, All tips are appreciated. 

Q: How does your jewelry work?
A: Click HERE for some diagrams

Q: What is the APP and why are your piercers members?
A: The APP or Association of Professional Piercers is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of suppling the public with information regarding safe piercings. Our piercers are proud members because they believe in the APP's mission in providing safe piercings. To find out more about the APP click HERE.

Q: I'm interested in body suspension, who should I talk to?
A: Please check out our home team, WasteLanD or email Gregory.

Q: Who is the greatest baseball team?

Q: You guys have interesting names, where do they come from?
A: Thanks! Our studio names are inspired by Hardcore Punk Rock influences and they keep things fun.

Q: What does PMA stand for?
A: PMA is the abbreviation for Positive Mental Attitude.  Be sure you’re keeping that PMA Everyday!

Q: I need new music!
A: Check out ... www.whuthc.com

Question not listed? Give us a call any day between 3-8pm at 630-312-8151 or email WastedYouthTattoo@Gmail.com.
Please allow a day or two for an email response, phone calls are generally returned sooner. 


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